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> Oh, your one of those people, who thinks it'a about oil.

It isn't??? 60 percent of the setup costs from moving our Army/Navy over
there are Fuel costs.

All of Bush's decisions consider how it impacts the price of oil, and how
much money his friends will make.

I have heard Administration Spokespeople say that the Iraqi oil will
reimburse the US for the cost of the war. How else does he expect to pay for
the war when he is running deficits.

It is all about Oil and how much money the oil industry can make before the
resources run out.

Bush's goal is to make as much money for his oil friends as possible. What do
you think the current run up in prices is?

This is also why he is gutting environmental protections and ignoring global

This is why you can buy vehicles with the worst MPG and get tax credits.

It is all about OIL. If you view each of Bush's actions through an oil filter
it make them quite understandable. Bush and his friends are Oilmen.

Astoria, OR

PS: Sorry for the off topic post, It finally just got to me.....
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