Wanted: DG Nova 800/2/3 system/s & peripherals

From: Tim <tim.challenor_at_tcns.co.uk>
Date: Fri Feb 21 18:50:01 2003

I am new to this list, and to this pastime generally. I have just
realised how old I am (I know this because my 3 year old son told me),
and I started thinking about how I learned about computing. Now I want
to build a computing 'museum' too! So - can anyone point me in the
direction of any complete (pref. working) DG Nova systems with Dasher
terminals, LP/TP2 printer, gemini disks, 9 track tape, and paper tape
reader/punch kit? Any-and-all offers considered! I am in London, UK
but will happily travel to view/purchase this type of kit, and older
(DG, Dec and other brands).
Received on Fri Feb 21 2003 - 18:50:01 GMT

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