TRS-80 Floppy Drive

From: Al Hartman <>
Date: Sat Feb 22 22:15:05 2003

> From: "Fred Cisin (XenoSoft)" <>
> On Sat, 22 Feb 2003, Al Hartman wrote:
> > > I am looking for a 5 1/4" floppy drive for a
> > > TRS-80.
> > That's fine, but you still haven't provided the
> > specific information about WHICH TRS-80 you needed
> > a drive and cable for...
> He sent me a private post clarifying.
> He has a TRS-80 Model 1, and is looking for an
> ORIGINAL drive for it (external, with case, power
> supply, and cable).
> Preferably the original SA400 35 track.

I always preferred Tandon TM-100 drives. They needed a
lot less service and maintenance than the SA400's did.
And I always liked having the extra 5 tracks.

I've seen a few of these pop up on E-Bay.

Unless you have one for him, or someone on the list...
eBay may be his best bet.

I have 4 40 Track DSDD 360k PC Drives mounted in an
old PC Compatible case (XT style), that has a LONG
cable coming out the back. I use this for both my Coco
and my Model I (when it was working, my EI is shot and
while I have an LNW EI, I want a new KB unit as well).

The other thing about SA400 drives, is to make sure he
isn't using a patched version of TRSDOS or NewDos/80
or whatever...

If the stepping speed of the DOS is too fast, the
older drive may not boot properly.

I remember taking a copy of 80 Microcomputing and
applying the patches from it (with SuperZAP) to a copy
of TRS-DOS to make it 40 track, and to speed up the
drive step. The system booted up MUCH faster.

Boy, those were the days...

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