TRS-80 Floppy Drive

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Sun Feb 23 13:38:00 2003

On Sat, 22 Feb 2003, Al Hartman wrote:
> I always preferred Tandon TM-100 drives. They needed a
> lot less service and maintenance than the SA400's did.
> And I always liked having the extra 5 tracks.

I agree
I really like those drives. The pins that hinge the doors don't hold up
well to the abuse of a college lab (unless you catch the culprits and
break their fingers), but without that abuse, they hold up very well.

> Unless you have one for him, or someone on the list...
> eBay may be his best bet.

I've got a few boxes of drives, but no more extras - when I closed up my
office, I sold them off, as well as all of my TRS-80s.

> The other thing about SA400 drives, is to make sure he
> isn't using a patched version of TRSDOS or NewDos/80
> or whatever...

... there are also patches for DS, and for 80 track, . . .

> Boy, those were the days...

They sure were. (except for some of the politics :-)
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