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From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Sat Feb 22 23:03:00 2003

On 22 Feb 2003, , Al Hartman wrote:

> Sellam,
> You have it reversed again...
> The only reason Cuba has economic sanctions is because
> Castro refuses to step down,( and allow the Democratic
> Government that his people want.) and allow the "democratic"
regime the US government wants. Hardship because of
US sanctions or not, the cuban people remember the
years of the Batista government and his Mafia cronies
supported by US monied interests, and don't want to give
up their hardwon freedoms to allow the"Gusanos"(worms)
who fled to Florida with their money to be reinstalled in
power. To my knowledge Cubans have a literacy rate now
surpassing the US. If they really wanted a change of
government you can believe that the state department
could have achieved that with all their experience in
replacing unfavored Latin American regimes.

> Also, that Cuba supports and funds a lot of South
> American Terrorism.

 Terrorism is now the Bush administrations term for
freedom fighters who don't accept pro-US oppressive
> Just like Iraq, it is totally in Castro's power to
> make life better for his people. Just step down and
>( let them vote for a new leader.) accept a leader bought
and paid for, and our massive PR abilities and money can
do the rest.
 It is precisely because he did make life better for his
people that the US olligarchy is so enraged by him.

> Again, you blame police for the crime, rather than the
> criminals.
 Who appointed the US as the police of the world ?
And of course if the world doesn't agree, then as
Dubya says they are irrevellent (NATO and the UN).
Sounds a lot to me like outlaw logic. Just as Israel
has defied virtually every resolution of the UN.

> > Actually, the only reason Cuba is worse off with
> > Castro is because the US continues to economically
> > sanction Cuba because our government doesn't agree
> > with Castro's politics.
> >
> > I'm not saying everything the US does is stupid, but
> > a lot of the things that the US does is stupid.
> I would agree with that, but this isn't one of them.
> Personally, I would like to see the sanctions lifted
> as they don't seem to make a difference to Castro. He
> is determined to stay in power anyway.
> The only good thing is he will probably be too sick to
> lead, or dead within 10 years, and probably at that
> point the sanctions will be lifted.
> A lot of mistakes were made in the U.S.'s policies
> towards Cuba. And its' handling of the situation. No
> doubt about that.
Amen Brother. And Fidel still loves baseball.

> But hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20.
> Al

 But attempting to sway your mind is like trying to sway
Goerring who after many defeats still loved Hitler.

Oh well, why bother.

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