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From: Jim Arnott <>
Date: Sat Feb 22 23:43:00 2003

Al Hartman wrote:

> When has the U.S. attacked it's neighbor?

1846, 1914 (Government overthrow), 1916 (Black Jack Pershing, WWI
Expeditionary Force Commander) Look that one up. It's an interesting
read. Typical Americana. Bottom of:
<> By John SD Eisenhower
(Dwight D.'s son. Not exactly a flaming liberal.)

> Last I heard Canada and Mexico are unmolested. And
> before you bring up stuff that's 100's of years old,
> you can't address stuff that old with todays mores.
Sure you can.
To repeat:

1912 : U.S. Marines invade Nicaragua and occupy the country
almost continuously until 1933.

1914: Mexican refusal to salute the U.S. flag provokes the
shelling of Veracruz by a U.S. battleship and the seizure of
parts of the city by U.S. Marines.

1933: U.S. Marines finally leave Nicaragua, but are replaced
by a well-trained and well-armed National Guard under the
control of Anastasio Somoza.

1954: The CIA engineers the overthrow of the
democratically-elected government of Guatemala; 30 years of
military dictatorship, repression, and violence follow.

1961 : The U.S. attempts to overthrow the revolutionary
Cuban government at the Bay of Pigs.

1965: Johnson sends 22,000 troops to the Dominican Republic
to combat the constitutional forces trying to regain power.

1973: The CIA helps overthrow the democratic government of
Allende in Chile in favor of a bloody dictatorship.

1981: The Reagan Administration begins the contra war
against Nicaraguan civilians.

1983: The U.S. invades Grenada to overthrow a popular

1989: The U.S. invades Panama to arrest accused drug dealer
Manual Noriega.

1990 : The U.S. intervenes in the Nicaraguan election
process through covert and overt means.

I suspect that our mores were tremendously different in 1989.

> No. He surrendered to us in a war. He has made
> agreements with our Government AND the U.N. that he is
> not keeping.

Actually, the Iraqis agreed to a cease-fire with the U.N. Hence,
enforcing the terms of the 'surrender' agreement is the United Nation's
responsibility, NOT the United States'. The terms of the cease-fire were
detailed in UNITED NATIONS Resolution 687

Follow the link and read the resolution. Nowhere does it specify that
if the terms are not met, the United States of America shall enforce
them. Ditto UN Resolution 1441 <>

Member states shall enforce. Not United States.

Instead of taking history courses, I'd suggest that you do a bit of
research. When one takes "history courses" one gets a sanitized view of
the world. Remember, History Books are written by the victors.

The United States has participated in or instigated more coups than
possibly any other modern government. Most recently the 'instant'
recognition of the coup in Venezuela. Oops... uncoup'd. Nevermind.


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