G.W.Bush a liar?

From: Al Hartman <alhartman_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Sun Feb 23 13:04:15 2003

> Well, I was trying to be good and not pique the ire
> of my neighbors to the south in my mother's and
> wife's birthplace, but I find I can't hold my peace
> at the incredible amount of BS, most of which is
> parroting the Bush administrations lies and more
> damnedable lies.

I'm not aware of ANY lies by the current
administration, no less "lies and more damnedable

Also, you can't hold this administration responsible
for the misdeeds of past administrations.

In fact, I'd call the previous administration one of
the most dishonest and criminal administrations this
country has ever had.

Luckily our system of government is such that people
like this cannot remain in power for too long.

As for the rest of what you say, I don't have any data
for or against it.

America is a representative republic. Not quite a
democracy. And yes, the government does things that
the people don't necessarily like or agree to.

Given that, I still believe we have the free-est and
best form of government on the planet.

It is not corruption or mistake free. Nor is it free
of the normal human expressions of greed, ego, hatred,
and agression.

It's still head and shoulders above all other
government systems on the planet.

Considering the broad areas in which the U.S. is
invlolved in, the huge amount of AID it gives to the
rest of the world, you have to see that basically we
are a good country.

I would like it to be perfect, but that's not possible
in human affairs. It could certainly be better. And
what I like about Bush and his administration is that
he got right to the task of setting right all the
wrongs of previous administrations he could find and

I know he will be relected in 2004 with a landslide.
It's a shame he can't run for a third term. Cheney
will probably not be able (or willing) to run for
President in 2008.

Before the election, and before I saw Bush in action.
I was sure he'd be a one term President and that
Hillary Clinton or maybe Al Gore would run in 2004 and
take back the Presidency for the Democrats.

Now, I'm sure that won't happen.

It's amazing that you can call a liar, a man whose
reputation is largely made by his truthfulness and
trustworthyness. As Governor of Texas he kept most all
of his promises. And left the state in a much better
condition than it was when he took office.

You may not like his policies, or his decisions. But,
that doesn't make him a liar.

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