The Ugly American (was Re: G.W.Bush a liar?)

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Mon Feb 24 23:31:00 2003

Blah blah. More inanity from Al. No response to my last message in which
I asked for replies to specific questions and issues that I raised. Not a
peep. This is exactly the tactic employed by someone who has no basis of
fact or faith from which they are attempting to argue. If you so believed
what you spew, you would respond, but you don't. You are a marionette;
your strings are controlled by someone else's ideology that you have
accepted without question.

You have either the audacity or the stupidity (I have not yet figured it
out) to rant and rave about international law being broken or ignored, yet
you either fail to acknowledge or choose to ignore (I haven't figured out
which yet) the sheer hypocrisy and pugnacity of the US government's
flaunting of international law in the areas of national sovereignty,
human rights, weapons development, the environment, ad nauseum. Because
of our administration, we are more hated and despised by most nations
(i.e. THE PEOPLE) around the world than at any time in our existence.
When you've managed to make traditional allies such as Germany and France
openly defy your intent in the United Nations, then you should know that
you have your head firmly planted up your ass.

We have ideologues and demogogues advising the president who are pursuing
their own selfish agendas. History (the volumes not written by this
administration) will prove that everything this current administration
did was suspect at best, and totally deceitful at worst. The terrorists
won because our administration stupidly and egregiously played right into
their hands. This country will suffer a peril that I'm afraid it will
never recover from, but folks who are walking around with ideas in their
head similar to yours are completely ignorant of it. This country is
condemned to destroy itself from within, and you are quite happy with
that. In fact, you are helping to bring it about.

As far as this country being founded upon religious principles, you even
have that wrong. This country was founded on the basis that every man is
a sovereign being, with rights and liberties that were God-given.
Religious zealots take this literally and think that it means the
"Judeo-Christian God", but it does not. It's an abstract used to portray,
in the strongest possible colloquial language, that we are inherently
Free. We do not have to pray to YOUR "God", and we don't have to believe
in YOUR "God", to be free. We just are. You don't get it, and as an
American who does, I find your way of thinking despicable.

If you had the intention of responding to my message, really, don't
bother. I really don't want to hear you say, "If you'd read what I
said..." That's old, and it didn't make any sense the first time, let
alone the 10th time, when you continue to ignore what I write and duck the
issues that I bring to you. Your arguments are vacuous and laughable,
your logic is peurile.

I'm writing another letter to my Senators and Congresswoman tomorrow to
let them know in no uncertain terms that I am abhorred by the recent
behavior of our government and to demand that they introduce legislation
to put an end to the madness being practiced by the Bush adminstration.

I urge all of you to do the same, even those who are not US Citizens. If
everyone in the world who gives a shit writes to our government, the
clamor will be too much to ignore.

This is the only chance we have to avoid a world of insanity that is being
brought down upon us by seriosuly deluded people. Speaking up CAN make a
difference as the recent worldwide protests have shown. Don't wait until
you have to say, "I wish I would have said something." Use the time NOW
to do your part as a human being, and LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!

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