Identifying a Motolora chip - MC14544?

From: JP Hindin <>
Date: Sun Feb 23 20:00:01 2003

Howdy folks;

I'm trying to identify a Motorola chip for my father - his guess is a 300
baud modem...

The chip comes from circuitry which allows folks to remotely control the
lights on a runway. All of the breakers/generators are in a little shed at
the end of the runway, but there is a controller board in the tower to
allow you to turn on lights without having to trek down to the shed...
Unfortunately said controller is broken, and my old man has tracked it
down to this chip.

Any help would be greatly appreciated; Particularly since the people that
own the property have sold off the end of the strip to a local farmer who
keeps cows there... And the other pilots are a bit too soft to leap the
fence and wander through a herd of cattle in the middle of the night just
to turn on the lamps...


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