QBUS ESDI (was Re: QBUS SCSI card...)

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Date: Mon Feb 24 12:58:15 2003

Hello Ethan,

I think those Sigma controllers are in the NetBSD supported
hardware list

Here's a message from Doug Meade, who got one of those
from me off eBay a couple of years ago, saying that he has
the manual.


Seems Tim Shoppa is familiar with those also ...

Sigma-rebranded version of the Webster WQESD ESDI controller. (DSD and
Qualogy also rebranded Webster boards.)


Mark Green is/was running one.

Pat Finnegan is/was too ... ( He must be busy this morning )


Best Regards

At 10:22 AM 2/24/03 -0800, you wrote:
>--- Mail List <mail.list_at_analog-and-digital-solutions.com> wrote:
> > Pick up a Sigma SCD-RQD11/EC when it shows up on eBay
> > for around $35 to $50 ( or even less these days? )...
>Are end-user docs for these sorts of controllers available? I wouldn't
>mind getting a Qbus (or Unibus!) ESDI controller (I have a few drives
>out of old external Sun SCSI<->ESDI enclosures) but would want one that
>isn't impossible to configure.
>My primary OSes would be 2BSD, possibly RSX-11 or RSTS, and maybe
>even VMS (on an 11/750 or uVAX-II). In the case of 2BSD, I'd want
>a controller that responds to the xp driver, IIRC.
>Anyone out there have favorites?
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