QBUS ESDI (was Re: QBUS SCSI card...)

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Mon Feb 24 13:35:49 2003

>--- Mail List <mail.list_at_analog-and-digital-solutions.com> wrote:
>> Pick up a Sigma SCD-RQD11/EC when it shows up on eBay
>> for around $35 to $50 ( or even less these days? )...
>Are end-user docs for these sorts of controllers available? I wouldn't
>mind getting a Qbus (or Unibus!) ESDI controller (I have a few drives
>out of old external Sun SCSI<->ESDI enclosures) but would want one that
>isn't impossible to configure.
>My primary OSes would be 2BSD, possibly RSX-11 or RSTS, and maybe
>even VMS (on an 11/750 or uVAX-II). In the case of 2BSD, I'd want
>a controller that responds to the xp driver, IIRC.
>Anyone out there have favorites?

I like the Webster WQESD/4 controller, it's got some really sweet
capabilities (such as having hard partitions that you can use to boot RT-11
from different partitions). I'm not sure about 2BSD, but it should support
everything else you list. I've used it with drives out of old external Sun
SCSI<->ESDI enclosures. The downside with ESDI controllers is that the
drives are getting hard to find, and I assume they're starting to develope
reliability problems.

Here is the manual for that board:

Still, I've since switched to Viking SCSI adapters for my PDP-11/23+,
PDP-11/44, and PDP-11/73. They're able to support 4mm DAT, CD-ROM, and
small, quiet, lower power SCSI HD's. Oh, the WQESD's will also provide a
DU bootstrap (and I think others) for the PDP-11, until I got a quad-height
/73 board, it's only purpose in my /73 was to provide the bootstrap (with
the console on a DLV11J). One of these days I might convert the /23+ to a
/73 that way.

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