Semi-OT: Wanted - Vacuum Tube Protyping Boards

From: ben franchuk <>
Date: Mon Feb 24 13:41:00 2003

Bill Richman wrote:
> A friend of mine is getting heavily into building radios, digital clocks
> (using nixie tubes and/or miniature vector displays), etc. from tubes.
> I've been thinking that some of those nifty prototyping boards like we
> used in high school would be great for him to use for testing new designs.
> The ones I used had a base made of clear plastic with an array of
> holes in the top which lead in sets of 5 or so to a common set of metal
> contacts. There were dozens of sets of contacts on each board. The tubes
> were mounted in sockets on small squares of PC board with traces leading
> to pins along the edges. These pins would plug into holes on the base,
> and you would plug wires into the other holes on the same contact strip to
> connect something to that pin. There were also inductors, variable caps,
> pots, etc. on small boards. Any idea where I might be able to buy
> something like this setup these days?

Check here for breadboards and tubes.
Check here for nixie tubes
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