DEC disk drive power consumption (was Re: QBUS SCSI card...)

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon Feb 24 15:56:00 2003

> --- Doc Shipley <> wrote:
> > I do know that my MVIII uses a hack of a lot less power booting off a
> > remote disk than it did spinning up 3 MFM drives. I can only assume
> > that the RAxx use even more juice.
> Dunno about anything as new as an RA9x, but the RA81 draws 30A surge
> current (which is why they have that daisy-chain power sequencer port),
> and 8A steady-state. That's a big honkin' motor in there, plus several
> square feet of controllers.

I'd recommend RA7x instead. The RA9x drives are 8", while the RA7x drives
are 5.25".

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