DEC disk drive power consumption (was Re: QBUS SCSI card...)

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Mon Feb 24 16:25:00 2003

--- "Zane H. Healy" <> wrote:
> > Dunno about anything as new as an RA9x, but the RA81 draws 30A surge
> > current... and 8A steady-state.
> I'd recommend RA7x instead. The RA9x drives are 8", while the RA7x
> drives are 5.25".

I have a couple of RA70s. I have yet to power them on. I would like
to find some in-cabinet SDI cables first (lightweight ones; I have
several of the big, black rubberized ones). My goal is to put them
in my BA123 and get away from the RQDX3. If I thought I had enough room
in a BA23 for the KDA50 and enough cards to make it worth the effort,
I'd consider that, but between cabling and power consumption, I don't
know if that's a good idea. OTOH, they'd be *great* with an 11/750...
finally the CPU would suck more power than the disks (mine has a Fuji
170MB drive, a Fuji Eagle, an SI9900, and an RA81).

I am _not_ shopping for any RA9X drives (but even one would be a lot
better than a rack of RA81s ;-)

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