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Date: Mon Feb 24 21:59:18 2003

Hello Zane,

The ones I was remembering were some Jonathan Enghdahl had
gotten. Didn't remember hearing if they were tape only, but it wouldn't
surprise me. One crazy thing on one of them though. He bid and won
one from a guy that ended up living out of the trunk of his car and wasn't
getting the part shipped. The part was still where he used to live, and
somehow he didn't have access to get back at it, and therefore wasn't
getting it shipped. When I heard from the guy about something else, I
mentioned it to him. He must have thought "wow, how did I know about
that?" That seems to have somehow gotten him to get motivated and
last I heard, I believe Jonathan did eventually receive it. Now whether it
actually worked or not, I don't know. With eBay, YMMV.

Best Regards

At 01:43 PM 2/24/03 -0800, you wrote:
> > The truth is, if you are willing to wait, I've even seen some go as low as
> > the $40+
> > to $60+ range? With some, condition might be poor, or they may not be
> > operational
> > and be being sold as is, but they might also be just fine. That's the eBay
> > gamble. I
> > do remember the MTI QTS-25 I had sold on eBay a couple of years ago to
> > Zane went for only $50
>The thing to remember is that the controllers in that price range are tape
>only. For example, that MTI QTS-25 was tape only as I recall (or to put it
>another way, I don't recall buying any SCSI controllers on eBay that weren't
>tape only :^)
>The jump in value from Tape only to disk only is pretty huge, then there is
>a lesser jump in value from Disk only to Disk/Tape.
> Zane
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