resurrecting a PDP-11/10

From: Guy Sotomayor <>
Date: Mon Feb 24 22:00:16 2003

On Mon, 2003-02-24 at 12:16, Fred Flintstone wrote:
> I have a PDP-11/10 (a.k.a PDP-11/05) which I am attempting to bring back to
> life. It was placed in storage many years back, and appears to be in good
> condition. I am at the point where I can enter programs from the front panel
> and execute them (core memory and processor appear to work). I have a LA36
> hooked up as the console to the SLU. I think the TS03 tape drive may work,
> and I am in the process of cleaning a RK05 disk drive and disk pack.

Congradulations! I've an 11/10 that I "resurected" from parts. I'd
first try a few simple test programs. An obvious one is to write a
stream of characters to a terminal (see my website for a simple to key in program for

> My question is, what am I looking for in order to load RT-11? Is RT-11
> easier to install via tape, or am I looking for a bootable disk pack?

Having just done this on an 11/45, it is *much* easier to have it on a
pack already.

> At this point, I am not looking for specifics, I need to know what is the
> general means to bootstrap RT-11 onto a PDP-11. This exercise is a
> precursor to getting a PDP-11/20 up and running.
> I would also like to know if one of the PDP-11 emulators would assist me to
> learn what I need to do in terms of bootstrapping a system. I have used a
> PDP-11 10+ years ago, but never needed to bootstrap a system.

How much memory do you have on it? I had plenty on my 11/45 (128KW) and
used vtserver. This is also useful for a test as you will see if writes
to the drive work (plus the fact that loading anything substantial will
take a while, you'll be seeing how long your '11 will stay up running
*real* code).

> Thanks for any assistance.
> --barryM
TTFN - Guy
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