resurrecting a PDP-11/10

From: pavl <>
Date: Tue Feb 25 09:29:00 2003

I would strongly recommend using TU58.exe on a host pc to emulate a
serial tape drive on your second serial port (you DO have a second slu?)
to boot RT11 off virtual tape so you can poke around and build a system
from there.

keying a bootstrap isn't bad since your memory is nvr (core) and RT
leaves that space alone(usually)
VTserver is really amazingly great, but you may not have enough ram and
booting RT or XXDP from a slu will give you better diagnostics to assess
your RK05,etc

I've been trying to find a TS03 for some time to hook to my 11/20, sigh


Fred Flintstone wrote:
> I have a PDP-11/10 (a.k.a PDP-11/05) which I am attempting to bring back to
> life. It was placed in storage many years back, and appears to be in good
> condition. I am at the point where I can enter programs from the front panel
> and execute them (core memory and processor appear to work). I have a LA36
> hooked up as the console to the SLU. I think the TS03 tape drive may work,
> and I am in the process of cleaning a RK05 disk drive and disk pack.
> My question is, what am I looking for in order to load RT-11? Is RT-11
> easier to install via tape, or am I looking for a bootable disk pack?
> At this point, I am not looking for specifics, I need to know what is the
> general means to bootstrap RT-11 onto a PDP-11. This exercise is a
> precursor to getting a PDP-11/20 up and running.
> I would also like to know if one of the PDP-11 emulators would assist me to
> learn what I need to do in terms of bootstrapping a system. I have used a
> PDP-11 10+ years ago, but never needed to bootstrap a system.
> Thanks for any assistance.
> --barryM
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