resurrecting a PDP-11/10

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Tue Feb 25 10:17:00 2003

--- pavl <> wrote:
> I would strongly recommend using TU58.exe on a host pc to emulate a
> serial tape drive on your second serial port (you DO have a second slu?)

On a machine that old? Unlikely. Machines of the era before the DZ-11,
and especially machines that were not destined for timesharing, tended
to have few serial ports, - a console and probably nothing else. It was
a boon that a low-end Qbus machine commonly came with a DLV11J with a
port for the console, a port for a TU58 and two more ports for DECwriters
or machine-to-machine communication or whatever.

It's easy enough to _add_ a second SLU card, (DL-11something), _if_
you have one lying around (which I expect he doesn't).

> to boot RT11 off virtual tape so you can poke around and build a system
> from there.

As a place to put RT-11, a virtual TU58 isn't a bad idea. Hopefully
wharever emulator you have can emulate both units - the TU58 is kinda
small, even compared with 8" floppies.
> VTserver is really amazingly great, but you may not have enough ram and
> booting RT or XXDP from a slu will give you better diagnostics to assess
> your RK05,etc

How much RAM does VTserver require? Older versions of RT-11 (those
contemporary with the 11/10) are usable at aroun 8KW, IIRC. Of course
the full 28KW is nice, especially if you want to run large apps like
ADVENT, but the CUSPS should all run with minimal RAM.

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