HP1000 F & A700 - pictures

From: lee courtney <charlesleecourtney_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Tue Feb 25 13:25:01 2003

Hi Adrian,

Nice system! Pictures are great.

I worked on the system generator (RT6GN) and system
installer (SWTCH) when I was in the 1000 Lab. Do you
know what version of RTE the F Series was running.
There is probably a system pack sitting around you can
just boot off of.

WHen I left HP and did the Silicon Valley start a
company thing we had several 7925 drives (like yours)
hanging off an HP1000. Very sensitive to dust, dirt,
etc. Looking at them cross-eyed would cause a head
crash. If possible I'd move the drives, and especially
those really nice looking disk packs, inside the house
or cover them so they are not exposed to dirt, dust,
moisture, etc.

You might also post a note on COMP.SYS.HP.HPUX to see
if you find any sources of manuals.


Lee Courtney
HP Class of 79

--- Adrian Vickers <avickers_at_solutionengineers.com>
> Evenin' all.
> Uploaded tonight for your viewing pleasure, just
> over 60 pix of the
> HP1000's that Tim found & saved a few weeks ago, now
> parked lovingly (erm)
> in my shed...
> http://classic-micros.com/hp1000
> (Note to Hans: I *know* I've not put the picture
> sizes in the img tags, I'm
> just too darn lazy, OK?)
> :)
> Anyway, a brief tale of what happened this last
> w/e...
> On Saturday, I picked up the 3 terminals & assorted
> other tapes, plus the
> disc controller from Tim, thus completing the
> rescue. Back to the shed for
> some well deserved tinkering time :)
> A long poke around in the manuals convinced me that:
> a) I have no docs for the F-series machines :(
> They're all for the A700...
> b) There was no system installation guide :(
> Thus thwarted, I decided buggrit, I'll carry out the
> cardinal sin, and just
> power the things up anyway. Fortunately, a kindly
> sysadmin had labelled the
> tape drive connectors, so they could be applied to
> the correct slot. Not so
> with the MUX cable; and besides, the other end of
> the MUX seemed to be
> missing anyway (i.e the DeMUXer). So, my total
> experimentation with the
> F-series was limited to pressing buttons on the
> panel and getting the
> blinkenlights to blinken. Which they did in a most
> satisfactory manner, I
> might add. Efforts to do anything with the tape
> drive were also effectively
> thwarted; I did manage to get a tape loaded, and the
> "on line" light to
> blinken (well, "come on" would be more accurate").
> No amount of pressing
> front panel buttons would make them spin on their
> own, however.
> Ho hum.
> So, I tried the A700, which at least will talk to a
> terminal.
> Unfortunately, it won't listen to the terminal, so
> there's something a bit
> fishy going on there as well. That boot screen was
> as far as I got.
> Ho hum ^ 2.
> So, I made do with loading a disc (dunno where to
> plug it in to the 1000,
> though, so can't load anything from it, even if I
> knew the correct
> pushenbutton sequence).
> Questions/requests arising:
> 1) Does *anyone* here know anyone (or IS someone)
> who is/was a sysadmin (or
> related/married to same) of an F-series HP 1000? If
> so, can you/they render
> any help?
> 2) Does anyone have access to a set of F-series
> manuals, especially
> installation reference manuals? If so, are they in
> electronic format; if
> not, can you/they bear to part with them for at
> least as long as it will
> take me to scan them?
> 3) Has anyone got a suitable demuxer? (8-port, takes
> centronix plug & has 8
> D25 socket outputs)
> Cheers y'all.
> --
> Cheers, Ade.
> Be where it's at, B-Racing!
> http://b-racing.com
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