HP1000 F & A700 - pictures

From: Adrian Vickers <avickers_at_solutionengineers.com>
Date: Tue Feb 25 14:04:00 2003

At 04:22 25/02/2003, Lee Courtney wrote:

Hi Lee,

>Nice system! Pictures are great.

Ta! Whilst I can't exactly take much credit for the systems (other than
providing the space to store them), I'm glad you like the pics.

>I worked on the system generator (RT6GN) and system
>installer (SWTCH) when I was in the 1000 Lab. Do you
>know what version of RTE the F Series was running.

I /think/ it runs RTE-IVB, but it may be some variant of version 6; I'd
have to take a closer look at the disc packs - most of them have some kind
of label.

>There is probably a system pack sitting around you can
>just boot off of.

Excellent; I'm hoping this is the case. IIRC, there's at least one labeled
"master". Next time I'm up there, I'll take a copy all of the labels & post
them here for analysis.

>WHen I left HP and did the Silicon Valley start a
>company thing we had several 7925 drives (like yours)
>hanging off an HP1000.

Cool - I don't suppose you can remember which i/f board they're supposed to
be connected to, do you? I tried to make sure all the little labels on the
tags were visible in the card cage pictures, so maybe one will jog your memory?

> Very sensitive to dust, dirt,
>etc. Looking at them cross-eyed would cause a head


>If possible I'd move the drives, and especially
>those really nice looking disk packs, inside the house
>or cover them so they are not exposed to dirt, dust,
>moisture, etc.

I'll move the disc packs, I've got a little office attached to the side of
the warehouse which is pretty dust, dirt & moisture free; can't do much
with the drives though, they're too heavy to get over the step, and
wouldn't really fit in the office anyhow. I can cover them with a tarp though.

>You might also post a note on COMP.SYS.HP.HPUX to see
>if you find any sources of manuals.

Will do; thanks for the pointer.

Cheers, Ade.
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