Identifying a Motolora chip - MC14544?

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Tue Feb 25 17:55:01 2003

> >IIRC, the 14412 didn't demodulate CCITT tones reliably at 300 baud. The
> >better-designed UK modems that used this chip at all used it for the
> >modulator only and used something like an XR2211 for the demodulator.
> Ahh, That explains why it was allways fussy about signal levels. The data
> sheet said that it could do it, and I had to alter the level of the

YEs, that's what the data sheet claimed. But like you, I found it to be
'touchy'. It would work on the bench when given 'perfect' signals at the
right levels, it didn't like the signal from the accoustic coupler...

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