More HX-20 questions

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Tue Feb 25 17:58:00 2003

> Hello,
> I picked up an HX-20 years ago, and have finally some time to play with it.
> I have a couple questions that perhaps one of you others out there with an
> HX-20 could answer.
> HX-20 Background:
> Cream Color, Cassette Module, NO 16K expansion, HP HEDS-3000 barcode
> reader, barcode ROM installed, labeled in Pen BARCODE Z.
> Everything seems to work fine. I am trying to get the BARCODE ROM loaded. I
> have read all the EPSON docs on their support site. Have not been able to
> locate a BASIC tutorial online though.
> Questions:
> 1) Should the installed ROM (NOT a module but inside the HX-20) show up
> automagically in the menu?

I think not. I think it adds extra facilities to BASIC -- either as an
extra 'device' that you can OPEN a stream to, or as a set of routins to
CALL. I don;t know which.

> 2) If not, how to I go about loading it into memory?
> 3) Thoughts on the easiest way to interface the HX-20 to a Win box or
> anyone tried a terminal program and a Palm?

I can't help with the Windows end, but the 8 pin DIN connector on the back
of the HX20 is a RS232 port with a fairly sane pinout (I can look it up
if it's not in any of the manuals you have). That could be linked (with a
suitably-wired null modem cable) to the serial port on a PC.

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