SCSI cards

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Tue Feb 25 23:41:01 2003

> >I just wish I could find the SCSI controller that a German company made
> >for the DEC Rainbow. it'd be nice to pull the 20 meg HD out and drop a
> >500 meg SCSI in it's place :)
> Wow! Is this documented? That *does* sound cool. Though I'm not sure just
> how long it'd take to defragment... :-)
> How did it work with the OS's, which were limited to disk sizes nothing
> like 500 Meg?
> - Mark

That's a valid question, how big of an drive will the OS's on a Rainbow
support? I'm guessing you might be limited to 30MB, even if you've a bigger
drive in the system. IIRC, CP/M and old versions of DOS only support up to

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