Atari ST spares

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Wed Feb 26 01:02:55 2003

 Well I'm not in old blimey, otherwise I could offer a KB.
The ST floppy drives have been the bane of my Atari ST
existance. There must be a multitude of STers out there
that have tried to reform these beasts. At some time I'm
going to get serious about reclaiming them, instead of
simply replacing them. I did restore a couple by fiddling
around with the heads, even without a scope or timing
disk.Which gave me a couple of more years on 2 of them,
but of course they eventually failed again.
$%#%$ mumble, Sam Tramiel,#$_at_$#^, mumble,mumble.


On 25 Feb 2003, , Adrian Graham wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Just wondering if any UK list lurkers and regulars have a
> keyboard and floppy drive for an Atari 520STfm? Got one here
> that's had An Incident with its keyboard and has been
> repaired in the past but has since gone bad again, but it
> appears that the floppy is toast since it continually tries
> to seek track 0 and won't read/write even Atari format
> disks.
> cheers
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