Atari ST spares

From: Jeffrey S. Worley <>
Date: Wed Feb 26 11:47:00 2003

Atari could screw up a one-car funeral man. I love all their gear, but
the ST's are weird with floppy drives. How did they manage to get all
of the ST machines to keep the drives ON all the time?




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 Well I'm not in old blimey, otherwise I could offer a KB.
The ST floppy drives have been the bane of my Atari ST
existance. There must be a multitude of STers out there
that have tried to reform these beasts. At some time I'm
going to get serious about reclaiming them, instead of
simply replacing them. I did restore a couple by fiddling
around with the heads, even without a scope or timing
disk.Which gave me a couple of more years on 2 of them,
but of course they eventually failed again.
$%#%$ mumble, Sam Tramiel,#$_at_$#^, mumble,mumble.


On 25 Feb 2003, , Adrian Graham wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Just wondering if any UK list lurkers and regulars have a
> keyboard and floppy drive for an Atari 520STfm? Got one here
> that's had An Incident with its keyboard and has been
> repaired in the past but has since gone bad again, but it
> appears that the floppy is toast since it continually tries
> to seek track 0 and won't read/write even Atari format
> disks.
> cheers
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