ISIS-II command summary?

From: Steve Thatcher <>
Date: Wed Feb 26 19:47:00 2003

Hi all, I got my Intel MDS225 working today, but I only have
a single double density drive on it. I seem to recall that it
would read single density, but you accessed by a different drive
specifier. I can't seem to find one bit of documentation on the
ISIS command at home. Does anyone have a summary page they could
scan and send?

I am also looking for the 50 pin connection wiring so I can connect
a drive externally.

It was fun booting up ISIS-II version 4.2 and seeing the prompt
come up. I also had a CP/M 2.2 version that booted perfectly!

best regards, Steve Thatcher
Received on Wed Feb 26 2003 - 19:47:00 GMT

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