ISIS-II command summary?

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Wed Feb 26 20:02:07 2003

Steve Thatcher wrote:
> Hi all, I got my Intel MDS225 working today, but I only have
> a single double density drive on it. I seem to recall that it
> would read single density, but you accessed by a different drive
> specifier.

Nope. The Intel double-density (M2FM) controller can't read
single-density (FM) disks, nor industry standard double-density (MFM)

The double-density controller is a two-board set that plugs into
a pair of consecutive Multibus slots, with a special jumper module
connecting the P2 connectors of the two cards.

The MDS has a single-density controller using the 8271 chip built into
the I/O card.

If you need to read or write single-density disks, you could probably
cable your drive over to the single-density controller. Of course,
then it won't read or write double-density disks.
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