ISIS-II command summary?

From: Dave Mabry <>
Date: Thu Feb 27 05:27:01 2003


Kermit for the two OS's will be on their way to you. Just e-mail me
your address privately and I'll send you two diskettes with configured
Kermit for ISIS-II and CPM-80. As I recall (I always seem to be able to
figure them out when I need them, but never can remember the commands
first time) they work with either of the two serial ports on the back
cabled to a PC. Last time I used them they worked with the built-in
terminal emulator in Windows using its Kermit protocol.

The IOC board, that huge back panel circuit board, has a single density
controller chip and a 50-pin header connector that cables with a 1-to-1
ribbon cable to the drive. I also think you have to change at least one
jumper on the 801 drive when moving from DD to SD in that configuration.

I'd be interested in any spare Ball monitor modules and one or two
Shugart 800/801 drives if anyone has extras. I've got two MDS's that
only need those to be up and running.


Steve Thatcher wrote:
> I only cut my teeth on these back in the 70s... I kept boxes
> of disks from that era.
> Thanks to Eric and you for chiming in with some information.
> The conversation is reminding me of what I used to know off the
> top of my head...
> The connector is probably a DC37. I guess I didn't pay enough
> attention to it when I was looking earlier. If someone has a
> file available that would be great. I can spend the time to ohm
> it out, but I had hoped the doc existed in a ready format.
> Erir reminded me of the SD controller on the I/O board and I
> will connect a drive to that one tomorrow and see if I can at
> least kluge something together just to test the SD section. I
> know the rest of the system is fine.
> I have the Ball Brothers display doc if anyone is interested
> and I am in the process of picking up some more of the hardware
> data.
> A copy of Kermit for both SD Intel and SD CP/M would probably
> be my best bet. Can I send disks to you Dave to get copies and
> include money for costs?
> Let me know. Thanks.
> regards, Steve

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