resurrecting a PDP-11/10

From: Fred Flintstone <>
Date: Thu Feb 27 10:55:00 2003

Thanks for the assistance to date!

Actually, I have a second M7800 card installed on the PDP-11/10 machine. I
was having so much difficulty with getting a 20mA terminal (LA36-DP - OEM of
an LA36) to work, I just about disabled the console SLC and reconfigured the
the M7800 to work as the console! I also have M780 spares if I need them.
(If anyone knows anything about the dip switches on the DataSouth Printer
board in the LA-36DP P/n 5120000-1, I would be most grateful!)

As far as memory, there are two 16kw core systems installed on this machine.

I also have lots of paper tapes (mostly diagnostics, but also Fortran
compiler), and 9-track tapes. I am needing to know what I am looking for to
get RT-11 running. What did DEC call their install tapes? eg. Is the
"RT-11 V03B BIN MT9 1/2" tape the boot/install tape?

Is RT-11 the easiest O/S to get installed? I want to get to a point where I
can verify the hardware is all running.

As far as media devices, I have 3 x RK05, 1 x TS03, 2 x RX01, 1 x TU58. I
am trying to decide what will be moved to the PDP-11/10 from the 11/20. The
goal is to have the PDP-11/20 up and running. Getting the PDP-11/10 is just
a step along the way.

Where is this VTServer people had mentioned? I don't recall this item.



>From: Ethan Dicks <>
>Subject: Re: resurrecting a PDP-11/10
>Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 08:14:12 -0800 (PST)
>--- pavl <> wrote:
> > I would strongly recommend using TU58.exe on a host pc to emulate a
> > serial tape drive on your second serial port (you DO have a second slu?)
>On a machine that old? Unlikely. Machines of the era before the DZ-11,
>and especially machines that were not destined for timesharing, tended
>to have few serial ports, - a console and probably nothing else. It was
>a boon that a low-end Qbus machine commonly came with a DLV11J with a
>port for the console, a port for a TU58 and two more ports for DECwriters
>or machine-to-machine communication or whatever.
>It's easy enough to _add_ a second SLU card, (DL-11something), _if_
>you have one lying around (which I expect he doesn't).
> > to boot RT11 off virtual tape so you can poke around and build a system
> > from there.
>As a place to put RT-11, a virtual TU58 isn't a bad idea. Hopefully
>wharever emulator you have can emulate both units - the TU58 is kinda
>small, even compared with 8" floppies.
> > VTserver is really amazingly great, but you may not have enough ram and
> > booting RT or XXDP from a slu will give you better diagnostics to assess
> > your RK05,etc
>How much RAM does VTserver require? Older versions of RT-11 (those
>contemporary with the 11/10) are usable at aroun 8KW, IIRC. Of course
>the full 28KW is nice, especially if you want to run large apps like
>ADVENT, but the CUSPS should all run with minimal RAM.

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