VAX 6000 XMI-2 bus questions.

From: Gunther Schadow <>
Date: Thu Feb 27 11:34:00 2003

Brian, much response these VAX6000/XMI questions on this list get not :-)

I was totally consumed by other things lately (and it's going to
continue) but to your question:

> Is it possible to run older the older 6000-200/300/400 (5V) XMI bus
> processors in an XMI-2 bus system?

I think it is. The different voltages are on different pins of the
backplane, that's how these converters from 5V to 3.3V worked that
were used to upgrade older systems to 500s.

Since there are hardly any XMI specifications out there, you are
bound to try it out and see what happens :-)

But I thought you had amassed so many KA66A CPUs that you could
load your machines fully? Or do you want to run ULTRIX on them?

Speaking of XMI specs, didn't you get something like that from
Chuck via Ebay some year(s) ago?


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