decserver 550 in Kansas City

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Thu Feb 27 12:11:00 2003

>>> I read somewhere that it could be converted to a 11/53 with a minimal
>>> effort. How much trouble?
>>Rip out the CXA's (16-port serial boards), add a disk and/or tape
>>controller, and perhaps some memory. Off you go. The heart of
>>the DECserver 550 was/is indeed a barebones /53 CPU. Which comes
>>with 512KB RAM on the CPU card, and its console serial port.
>I don't believe you are "ready to go" after this mod. I seem
>to remember that the ROMs on the DS500 use special boot code
>and that they need to be replaced to be a normal 11/53. I
>saw some posts on one of the newsgroups from someone who had
>done it.

Correct, you need the ROMs from a /53, and then you should be good to go.
I've got a couple boardsets, but due to lack of room ended up having to
dump the chassis and have never gotten around to completing the conversion.
I can't remember how much memory is onboard, but there should be enough to
to run RT-11. Such a setup seems to be popular for 2.11BSD for some odd

The big problem with these boards is that due to the bulkheads on the
boards, they'll work best in a BA213, rather than the normal chassis used
for a PDP-11.

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