More stuff rolling into my place ...

From: Gunther Schadow <>
Date: Thu Feb 27 11:57:00 2003

Hi, I got a call to rescue not too old yet classic equipment. DEC
AXP 3000 and 2600 (?) systems. And some HP9000 K class thing. Plus
StorageWorks RAID stuff. 3 full height cabinets and 3 half height
cabinets, 4-8 monitors and some tape backup boxes. It sounds like
there will be nice stuff among it, yet I am getting into trouble
with my garage space.

I have an MTI StingRay cabinet to kill for making space. This is
a storage system with CI connectors. MTI make. I have taken all
the functional parts out of the cabinet, but the cabinet needs to
go soon. Since I am probably getting blessed with StorageWorks
stuff, I may be have some leftovers. Need to check when I see
the new stuff.

Anyone have a HP9000 K class and runs NetBSD, or one of those
Mach kernel based BSD lite systems? That's what I'd like to
try with the HP9000. It seems quite cute. Although I may part
with it for a VAX 4000-500 or better side-table VAX.


Gunther Schadow, M.D., Ph.D.          
Medical Information Scientist      Regenstrief Institute for Health Care
Adjunct Assistant Professor        Indiana University School of Medicine
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