SV: DataSaab ???

From: Mattis Lind <>
Date: Thu Feb 27 14:03:00 2003

I don't think it is a test tool for a saab.

Swedish DataSAAB was a part of the car and airplane manufacturer SAAB once
upon a time. They used to build big computers in the late sixties / early
sevnties, D-21 and D-23.

I would suspect that your thing is some kind of simple data entry (maybe for
banking, they did bank terminal systems) device to be connected to big IBM
(maybe) system or similar.

This link gives some valueable information:


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Amne: Re: DataSaab ???

On Wednesday, February 26, 2003, Marvin Johnston wrote:
> At the last TRW Swapmeet, I picked up a Datasaab Mode 3422-6 something or
> other. ... anyone have any idea what this thing might be?

A diagnostic tool that connects to a Saab vehicle?

Jeffrey Sharp
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