Classic SF Bay Area places to visit

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Date: Thu Feb 27 23:20:57 2003

Computer History Museum Visible Storage is open for
tours the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month, contact
them via before hand. Second
Saturday of the month is the regular work party. I
think we may be working in the Collection area - not
sure. Again contact thru web page for details and to
sign up.

Others will cover surplus places. Here's a list of
places in the Valley were former classic computer
glory and breakthroughs were made:

CDC disk drives were once designed and built at a
facility that occupied the vacant field across from
Applied Materials HQ on Arques in Sunnyvale.

Early HP computers (2100 series, calculators, HP1000,
3000, PA-RISC) were designed and manufactured at the
facility at Wolfe and Pruneridge in Cupertino. HP
still does a significant portion of system (HP9000)
work there.

Original HP garage is at 367 Addison Ave in Palo Alto.

IBM did all the design and prototype work for the ACS
at a facility on Sand Hill Road near 280 in Menlo
Park. See
Site occupied by VC firms.

Former CDC facility in Sunnyvale were (at least)
networking and some OS work was done. See I
interviewed there for a network R&D position in the
late 70s. Don;t know if the building still exists, CDC

99 Notre Dame Avenue is the location where IBM
invented the disk drive 50 years ago. See
Facility no longer exists.

IBM Palo Alto Science Center used to be across the
street (approximately) from HP HQ on Page Mill Road.
IBM 5100 was developed there along with other
mainframe technology.

Of course Xerox PARC is down the street off of Central
Expressway in Palo Alto.

IBM Almaden Labs were a LOT of computing was invented.

Intel Museum might be of interest, but I haven't been


Lee Courtney

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> Hello, all:
> I have a business trip out to the Bay Area next
> week (and then on to
> Los Angeles). I will probably have a few hours to
> kill up in the Bay Area.
> What are your recommentations for places to visit,
> including places for
> surplus equipment?
> Thanks.
> Rich
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