Neon logic

From: Robert Nansel <>
Date: Thu Feb 27 23:22:01 2003

I came across reference to a file, LAMP.ZIP, you posted briefly for the
Classic Computer list back in '99. Would it be possible for me to get this
file? I'm fascinated by the idea of making counters, logic gates, and
memory elements using neon lamps, but repeated google searches reveal very,
very little hard information (other than there were such circuits).

Also, I've read a few pages on early calculators (such as the Anita) using
something similar to neon lamps for logic gates and ring counters, though
the pictures lead me to believe they are actually 4-lead gas triodes or
thyratrons of some kind. Do you know what these beaties actually were?

Finally, I've repeatedly run across mention that neon device switching is
slow, but how slow are they?

You assistance is appreciated!

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