Moving a VAX 6000

From: Jeffrey Sharp <>
Date: Thu Feb 27 23:36:01 2003

On Thursday, February 27, 2003, Gunther Schadow wrote:
> Hi Jeffrey, congratulations to your not so new anymore VAX 6000 and
> welcome to the club. Is it running yet?

Not yet. It's in my garage. I'm working on my PDP-11/34 first. Next will be
the 11/44 and *then* the VAX 6000. I still need a few things for the VAX
  - KDM70
  - TU81+ (pretty sure)
  - Spares

BTW, is a TU81+ the only thing that will talk to a KLESI-BB?

> What do you run it with (like what OS?).

Presumably VMS, since I can get that through Encompass; I signed up a few
months ago. IIRC LTIC NetBSD doesn't run on it. Is it too new for a 4BSD?

> Anyway, there's yet another 6000 waiting for me to take home. I am pressed
> on space though. I will probably part out most of those that I have in
> excess,

See the above list.

Jeffrey Sharp
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