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Date: Fri Feb 28 13:39:25 2003


"Eric Smith" <> said:
> Adrian Vickers wrote:
> > Gosh, I had /no/ idea that Fortran was a "column-sensitive" programming
> > language; I thought that COBOL was the only one...
> Um, COBOL isn't. It's free-form. Groups of COBOL statements are
> called paragraphs, and in the early days were written just like paragraphs
> of prose. Fortunately sanity eventually prevailed, and COBOL has for
> many years now been mostly written with one statement per line (or less).
> > What other languages are column sensitive? I'd guess at APL, but I'm
> > sure there are others.
> No, no column sensitivity in APL.
> RPG is *very* column sensitive, much more so than FORTRAN.
> Python is sort of column sensitive. Nothing has to be in a specific
> column, but the nesting is controlled by matching indentation, rather
> than having begin/end tokens.

ISTR CESIL as being column sensitive, and some early BASICs required
the keyword (only one per statement) to begin in column 6.
I used to occasionally use NCC Filetab which reqired some things to
be in the correct column.

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