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From: Stuart Johnson <ssj152_at_charter.net>
Date: Fri Feb 28 14:32:00 2003

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> It's Friday and my mind is fried.
> /begin humor
> I think we need a travelling/flying squad of "rescuers" who can jet/travel
> to the location of the systems and recover them. I'll volunteer to quit
> job, leave my family, and "save" lost computers. It's probably a calling,
> just like the priesthood. ( I will ignore all religious flames!) "The
> salvation army of computers". I will get a battered truck and travel the
> countryside as a wandering saver of discarded computers.
> I will nominate Sellam as high priest, Megan as high priestess, and tony
> hardware witchdoctor. .
> /end humor
> Mike



Position - Globe Trotting CPU Saver. No job too large. Documents Scanned,
Software Archived. Our slogan is: "It's in the Can - Man!"

Position will require employee to be on call 50 weeks a year, travel
extensively in private 737 Luxury / Cargo transport, fitted with
communications similar to Air Force One. Employee will arrange own travel,
rescuing antique computing gear, arranging for same to be accepted by
qualified museum or collection, and transport found materials as necessary.

No pay, but you can keep whatever you want. Meals provided and subject will
live onboard private jet.

Candidates to apply by posting on cctalk. :-)

/end humor
Sounds a little like Charlie's Angels, doesn't it?
Stuart Johnson
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