Free DEC MINC-11 in NW England

From: McFadden, Mike <>
Date: Fri Feb 28 14:04:01 2003

Steve Jones said

>Looks like there's a DEC MINC-11 in good condition to be
>had for free in the North of England. Please, somebody go
>save this thing from the skip! Maybe Adrian "Two Sheds"
>Vickers can use it for a climate control system for his
>garage... ;^)

It's Friday and my mind is fried.
/begin humor

I think we need a travelling/flying squad of "rescuers" who can jet/travel
to the location of the systems and recover them. I'll volunteer to quit my
job, leave my family, and "save" lost computers. It's probably a calling,
just like the priesthood. ( I will ignore all religious flames!) "The
salvation army of computers". I will get a battered truck and travel the
countryside as a wandering saver of discarded computers.

Part of our oath will be
"I promise to save all computers lost or not, as long as they have never
been contaminated by the dreaded plague of Microsoft" (I will ignore all
Microsoft flames!)
"I will live in poverty surrounded by pieces of lost computers that I am
attempting to resurrect." ( I again will ignore all religious flames!)
"I will sacrifice an Intel computer daily to purify myself"
"I will never use WD40 as it contaminates all it touches."
"I will always search for the elusive Babbage Model 0100."

Or I could donate a large barn and some land, and we can set up a commune of
computer zealots.

Wait there are men in white coats coming to take me away, no it's my wife's
lawyer with papers for me to sign!!

I will nominate Sellam as high priest, Megan as high priestess, and tony as
hardware witchdoctor. .

/end humor

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