Reading a VMS CD-ROM for SIMH under Windows?

From: Kevin Handy <>
Date: Fri Feb 28 16:00:00 2003

Bob Lafleur wrote:

>I've done it fine with Nero in Windows. I think some versions of Easy CD
>Creator worked too, but that program does get confused sometimes. Nero
>worked perfectly.
I think I've done it with nero before, but I believe it depends on
which version you have wether it works right or not.

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>Subject: Reading a VMS CD-ROM for SIMH under Windows?
>I know exactly what to do under UNIX, but I'm attempting to help out
>someone else - I have the Montagar Hobbyist CD-ROM and I'm trying to
>create an ISO file to feed to SIMH. We have tried three different
>CD-ROM slurping programs from and, but no
>success. They seem to have heartburn because the disc is not mounted
>under Windows.
>Has anyone gone from CD-ROM to running VAX under Windows? How did you
>get files off the distro?

If you have to give up creating this in windows, you could always
get a copy of the Knoppix Linux disk. This is a bootable Linux CD
that lets you run Linux, and many of the programs available to it,
without ever loading anything on your hard disk.
(Available at as a 700MB ISO file)

You could then mount the windows partition under linux,
and do your copy from the cd-rom to the hard drive, then go back
to windows.

However, you will probably need two CD-ROM drives to make
this work. One for knoppix to boot/run from, and another for
the VMS cd.

If your friend has two cd-rom drives (as some combonitation of
regular cd, cd burner, usb, or dvd, ...) than this would be one method
of sneaking around the software problem. Besides, it may convert
your friend to Linux ;-)
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