Reading a VMS CD-ROM for SIMH under Windows?

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Fri Feb 28 21:30:00 2003

--- Kevin Handy <> wrote:
> However, you will probably need two CD-ROM drives to make
> this work. One for knoppix to boot/run from, and another for
> the VMS cd.

This is harder than it normally would be - all he has to work with
is a laptop running XP with no way to burn CD-Rs where he is (at a
customer site).

There is no way any of this will make him see the light about Linux
or UNIX or anything... he's an HP Customer Engineer on assignment
with a company laptop and a Digital Personal Alpha Workstation (VMS)
by his desk (no CD-R drive).

All I wanted was a way with nothing but Windows to read a VMS
distro disc. I am now firmly convinced that no such thing is
possible without buying *some* piece of software.

As I said when I started... I know how to do it with UNIX. He doesn't
have it and isn't likely to get it given his situation. The point is
somewhat moot now, because he's on a different site starting Monday
in a different town, and I won't be able to help him as easily.

I suppose I can drop a disc in my SS5 and spin off the contents with
dd and shoot him a copy in the mail, but that wasn't the point of
the original question. I wanted to know how to do it with the
resources *he* has, where he is, far away from home.


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