Anyone have any experience replacing a Dallas 1287 with a 12887?

From: Tothwolf <>
Date: Wed Jan 1 16:11:01 2003

On Wed, 1 Jan 2003, Ethan Dicks wrote:

> The Compaq 286/SLT has two ISA slots in the docking station. I already
> have the machine here, and I have a DS12887 coming as a free sample.
> I appreciate the suggestion, but until I completely run this machine to
> the ground, I would like to continue to explore using it.

Years ago I used to maintain some of these systems. I still have my old
SLT, but it was dropped, which broke the LCD backlights and did some other
unknown damage to the main board. I suspect a crystal or oscillator was
damaged. IIRC, the plastic stick-on film that covers the LCD was also
damaged, though the LCD itself is intact. I guess I could use a
replacement LCD for the system if someone has one laying around.

The memory modules are located center-front of the "laptop", under a metal
shield/cover. I don't remember how many slots exist, but I think it can
hold 3, maybe 4 modules. Modules were available in 1MB and 4MB sizes. The
hard drive is a 3.5" form factor IDE drive. Usually, these systems had a
20MB or 40MB drive, but it would have been possible to upgrade it to
120-210MB too. Without a custom BIOS, the system won't support user
definable drive types, so you have to use those "Compaq" re-branded Conner
drives, while making sure the particular type number is supported by the
system. It's also not uncommon for the original hard drives in these
systems to have numerous media defects. The drives that were used were not
exactly designed for portable use, so were easily damaged.

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