DIY Equipment Racks

From: Clayton Frank Helvey <>
Date: Wed Jan 1 23:40:01 2003


You're probably right about the weight, but I've not
tried to weigh one empty. The ones that are located
where I could weigh them have all of the power
rectifiers and other stuff in them. These do have
most of the foam on the sides, some of it was removed
to make room for PC odds and ends it looks like.

I've been thinking about moving one into the office to
replace this short radio base station rack (which is
unfortunately not 19 inch standard), but have so far

Another note - if you're in North Carolina in
Raliegh/RTP or from there to Wilmington NC, I can
deliver this stuff to you - I travel that way
relatively often.

-- Frank

--- William Donzelli <> wrote:
> > I'd like to get $100 for each ex-AS/400 rack, and
> > would happily deliver them to anyone within 150
> miles
> > of Roanoke VA for that price. These things are
> > heavy, I'd estimate 150 pounds each?
> I think you will find them to be a whole bunch
> heavier than 150 pounds!
> Other than the rather dumb size of these IBM racks
> (they are too wide for
> 24 by 24 inch floor tiles), these things are
> excellent. Very quiet with
> all that internal foam padding...
> William Donzelli

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