Config info on HP1000 memory?

From: Bob Shannon <>
Date: Sat Jan 4 07:01:00 2003

Try installing only one memory array board, with all jumpers installed.

HP module addressing jumpers are installed for a logic 0, removed for a
logic 1.

Make sure your memory controller is in the bottom slot. I often find
the memory system is 'happier' if you
place the first memory module near the far end of the memory controller
ribbon cable, and always suspect
that ribbon cable. Its not uncommon to find a bad connector or two, so
you may have to move the memory
module to another slot, ot try flipping the ribbon cable upside down.

We'll get your HP running again.

Any interest in trying to boot HP-IPL/OS?

James Willing wrote:

>In severe HP mode this week... <G>
>Does anyone have at hand the information for configuring HP memory boards
>12747H and/or 12749H for use in an HP1000 (2117F) computer???
>I (finally) have signs of life from the computer, but it does not see any
>of the memory and I'm going bonkers cycling randomly thru permutations on
>the DIP switches!!!
>Unfortnately, in the online archive of the HP1000/e/f/m Engineering
>Reference Set, section II (covering memory) is missing, as well as
>sections III, IV, and VIIII. (other relevant parts)
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