Config info on HP1000 memory?

From: James Willing <>
Date: Sat Jan 4 12:32:01 2003

On Sat, 4 Jan 2003, Bob Shannon wrote:

> Try installing only one memory array board, with all jumpers installed.

Fairly standard proceedure... <G> The one board part that is...

> HP module addressing jumpers are installed for a logic 0, removed for a
> logic 1.

As I have started to discern from the Section II docs that were posted
yesterday (many thanks to Al Kossow)

> Make sure your memory controller is in the bottom slot.

One of those 'aargh!' moments - last night after no initial success I
started prowling the Engr. docs again, and when I came upon the Memory
Backplain schematics... Imagine my surprise to find out that the memory
control(ler) signals were only presented on the bottom two slots...

> I often find the memory system is 'happier' if you
> place the first memory module near the far end of the memory controller
> ribbon cable,


> and always suspect that ribbon cable.

Always suspect ANY ribbon cable! <G>

> Its not uncommon to find a bad <ribbon cable> connector or two, so
> you may have to move the memory module to another slot,
> or try flipping the ribbon cable upside down.

EIther or both...

> We'll get your HP running again.

I certanly hope so!

So; to current status: Finally, it is appearing to 'see' the memory card
but there are still problems...

Memory locations 0-2 seem to be OK, but anything above that Bit 3 is
stuck on. Tried multiple memory boards - same results. Thinking I
should find/make a new ribbon cable to try. Or could the memory
controller be funky?

I'm also thinking toward trying to get to the second unit (currently in
the warehouse) to do comparison testing. That and I think the other
memory controller board (that I can't find at them moment) is probably in

> Any interest in trying to boot HP-IPL/OS?

Yep... looked at it, downloaded it... looks like fun.

Now, if only the computer will cooperate... Heck, I even cleaned it up so
it looks nice! (which means I need to shoot new pix too)

Ever onward!
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