Selling black Bell & Howell Apple ][+

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Date: Sat Jan 4 13:10:00 2003

Happy New Year. Before I put this up on eBay, anyone seriously interested?
I'm willing to sell it more reasonably here to someone, please just e-mail me
an offer.

The system has a black B & H floppy drive. Has 16k upgrade to 64K. Floppy
controller. Boots and tested fine to an Apple /// monitor. Excellent

I am also about to sell a seemingly rare portable terminal / printer. A 1978
Execuport 4000 attache' size portable data communication terminal. Very nice
with acoustic coupler on back, sleek with detachable plastic shroud to cover
keyboard. Includes small user's manual dated 8/19/78 printing. Value? Offers?
Here's some pictures:

Thank you, David

David Greelish
Classic Computing
"classiccomputing" on eBay
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