Fwd: OT Problems loading Linux

From: JP Hindin <jplist_at_kiwigeek.com>
Date: Sun Jan 5 19:11:00 2003

Buddy, I live in the MidWest.
I can imagine that happening all to easily.

I was only giving Ben grief - I have plenty of respect for BSD; I just
prefer Linux... If I wasn't using Linux, I'd use BSD you can count on it.


On Sun, 5 Jan 2003, Cameron Kaiser wrote:
> > Easy. Any idiot can do it. Even BSD users ;)
> Don't mess with us. We don't have a demon as our logo for nothing. ;-)
> There was a very funny anecdote on rec.humor.funny.reruns about a guy in the
> Midwest who showed up in a local business establishment with a BSD T-shirt,
> complete with red devil, and was mistaken for a Satanist. Heh heh heh.
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