Amstrad PPC640

From: Brian Chase <>
Date: Sun Jan 5 19:30:00 2003

On Mon, 30 Dec 2002, John Lawson wrote:

> The movie industry magazine Daily Variety has, every Thursday, a
> complete list of all films known to be in current production. Any film of
> sufficient stature to have Kate Winslet in it will most likely be listed
> there.... though it is not infallible. Most large bookstalls and news
> outlets in major cities carry DV and the Hollywood Reporter. It shouldn't
> be too hard to verify.

Yeah, there are also these things called Google and IMDB which are
useful for finding out information about films in production:

So, _Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind_ does seem to be a legitimate
production. According to IMDB, they begin shooting in mid-January of
2003. Fred's comment about the spelling of Carrey's and Winslet's names
is a bit confusing; the names are spelled correctly.

Charlie Kaufman, who wrote _Being John Malkovich_, is the writer for the
film, so I imagine it'll be pretty interesting in spite of Jim Carrey
starring in it.

Whether or not Noah Fox's request is authentic or not is left as an
excercise for the owner of an Amstrad PPC640; however, I don't see
anything in his request that doesn't jibe with reality. It is maybe a
bit unorthodox, but then I'd not at all be surprised by someone
searching Google for information on Amstrad PPC640s and finding this
list as a reasonable place to ask about one.

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