What am I missing here?

From: Dave <d-gordon_at_sbcglobal.net>
Date: Sun Jan 5 19:32:00 2003

Yes, it does happen ("bid sheltering") and the seller can chose not to sell
the item if it does in fact happen. So no loss. Also no bad feedback
either because the item gets removed as a cancelled sale after the fact. I
have seen this happen. I think the actual term is "bid shielding".


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> > A semi-common tactic (from what I have heard) is to 'bomb' and
> auction,
> > by placing a huge bid, like $1000 on it, and nobody will be able to
> > beat you. Of course, if two people try this tactic on the same
> auction,
> > one of them is screwed.
> You need two folks to do this - one a real bidder, and one fake. Run up
> the price to something outrageous, then towards the end of the auction,
> retract the fake bid. In the meantime, many people are scared away. This
> is called "bid sheltering", and is expressly forbidden by Ebay rules.
> I must say that I have never actually seen this happen, but I
> know it does.
> William Donzelli
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