Loch NeXT Monster

From: robert erianne <nashbucket_at_iname.com>
Date: Mon Jan 6 01:47:00 2003

Battery replacement instructions for NeXTCube and Dimension are provided in the User's Reference. But I own a NeXTstation N1100 equipped with a decade-old battery and whose screen went dark during use.

Powering down and rebooting were normal, except for the dark screen. According to the User's Reference, the screen problem suggests a weak battery, whose replacement must be performed by a dealer, in spite of the ease of access.

I replaced the battery and hoped for the best, but now the system doesn't boot past the flashing of the keyboard lights. Obviously, the battery-maintained parameter settings in the PRAM have been lost.

Since Mac people developed the NeXTstation, I think I need to zap the PRAM by holding down a key combo during bootup. But I may also need to reinstall the system software, which I don't have.

If you can assist my recovery with instructions, a service manual, and/or a NeXTSTEP 3.0 CDROM, please contact 'Buck' at nashbucket_at_iname.com.
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